welcome !

Hello, my name is Kim.

This is a dating club with a difference. It is for ladies only. I am the only male. It is a free club.

There are various levels of membership, as follows:

1) Bronze
Bronze members of this club enter into a "penpal" relationship with me. I will write to you as regularly as you like about whatever takes your fancy. I'll take an interest in your life and do my best to be your friend. I'm a good listener. I'm interested in deep topics and also in trivia and everyday things. (members so far: 6)

2) Silver
Silver members of this club must be over 18. I will write to you as regularly as you like about anything, but there will be also be specific sexual content. Expect to be asked explicit questions. Ask me anything you like too. We will describe fantasies together. We may swap pictures. I'll try and write in a way that will make you feel sexy. In fact, you are likely to get very wet! Silver members are expected to give back in the same measure they receive, of course. (members so far: 3)

3) Gold
Gold members of this club must be over 21 and either live in the NorthWest (UK) or be able to travel to that area easily. Sign up for this group if, having checked out my details, you would like to meet once or more and see what happens. You can opt just to meet for a drink, or for going all the way. Gold members are always treated with respect and friendship, and I will do my best to satisfy you in whatever physical way you want, whether or not I feel any definate 'chemistry'. Meetings have to be daytime only. (members so far: 0)

4) Platinum
Platinum members are an elite group within the Gold member category. There will only ever be a maximum of three Platimum members. They will be those who find they 'click' particularly well with me. Typically, Platinum members will be sex mad; have a good understanding of what men like; have a giving and caring attitude, and be able to enjoy passion without becoming obsessive or demanding. In return, your satisfaction will similarly be my priority. Meetings have to be daytime only. (members so far: 1)

Notes: I do not care if you are married or not, or seeing someone or not, and expect the same from all club members I will always respect your privacy, and expect the same from all club members. Membership is completely discreet. I will accept your resignation from the club without hesitation or complaint. I will never contact you as a non-member. Expenses in meeting up should normally be shared, but I am a gentleman.

You might think this is just a way to attempt sleeping with lots of women. Partly correct. You got me. I love sex, and I love variety. But mostly I enjoy company and friendship, one to one, with women. So if you'd rather just share a cup of tea than a shag, that's fine. It's about friendships. It's about accepting different kinds of people and enjoying their friendship. It's about exploring physical, sexual situations, discovering new things, experiencing new things, and the joy of making you, whoever you are, feel great.

Interested? I hope so. Why not give it a try and join up?

Copyright © 2009 Kim UK.